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At Global Leadership Dynamics – we invest in leaders because leaders are one of the world’s most precious resources.  A transformed leader is a catalyst for a transformed city, church, organization or nation.  It is our passion to see individuals and organizations work together to impact our world through renewed vision, excellent leadership skills and effective partnerships for the transformation of lives, communities and nations.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”  

John Quincy Adams, American Statesman and the Sixth President of the United States

“Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they’re like spring rain and sunshine.”

Proverbs 16:15  The Message

“Good leadership is a channel of water controlled by God; He directs it to whatever ends he chooses.”

 Proverbs 21:1  The Message

We believe each leader has a unique “design” for impacting the world!  

GLD’s leadership resources are grounded in Christian faith,  transformational, servant and other leadership models.  We also use the Clifton Strengthsfinder and Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder tools and other resources of the Gallup Strengths Center.      


A Growing Movement of Unity Across the United States

On Sunday, September 22 at 4 p.m. a number of historic churches in downtown Charleston came together and united in prayer for the church and the US.  This event happened after two years of quarterly prayer events led by GLD in partnership with the South Carolina Regional Director of The Alpha Course and key churches throughout the city.  Charleston is home to some of the oldest houses of worship in the United States. Many of the denominational traditions represented in historic Charleston have and continue to play a major role in the shaping of both the Church and the public life of the United States.

At this precarious and confusing time in our national life,  believers across Charleston united at Washington Square Park adjacent to the Four Corners of Law for a positive example of the freedom to exercise religion in the public square. The event included worship, prayer and a proclamation of God’s sovereignty, truth, mercy and love for the Church and the United States “for such a time as this.” Click on the image below to watch the entire event.

Christian Zebley Introducing the City Wide Prayer Event in Charleston, SC

Christian Zebley Introducing the City Wide Prayer Event in Charleston, SC


Discover Your Intrinsic “Design” for Leadership.

Take the GLD Leadership Assessment.

GLD’s Leadership Assessment is carried out in three one-hour sessions in person or via an online video meeting with assignments following each session.  Written evaluation is also provided after each session.  At the completion of the leadership assessment, clients will be introduced to GLD Partners who can provide further training/coaching in the following area:

1. Entrepreneurship (including website development, business plan and marketing)

2. Organizational and Strategic Business Strategy

3. Highly-Defined Personality and Vocational Assessment

4. Church planting and missions

5. Marketplace Ministry Leadership

6. Media and Public Relations Services

7. Fundraising and Grantwriting



The world is rapidly changing.   In the past century, global trends gradually chipped away at the authority of age-old traditions, values and institutions.  Today, we find ourselves swimming in a complex, globalized world.  What happens in Paris, Jerusalem or Los Angeles on any given day makes a impact on your life, no matter where you live, through the the global matrix of politics, business and media that effect descision-makers everywhere.


Leaders leadingOur dynamic, diverse and interconnected world undoubtedly impacts your home, your business/ministry and your entire well-being.  Many leaders are hiding from the dynamics of global reality by not engaging trends such as multiculturalism, immigration, new technologies, social media, organizational branding, youth culture and other forces that are altering our social landscape.  The majority are aware of the trends but don’t pay too much attention.  Some are avoiding the rapids all together.   Consequently, their organizations lose momentum, creativity, vision and purpose.  A select few; however, are smartly engaging these trends to navigate global dynamics with vision, knowledge, and connectivity – leading their organizations to achieve a powerful and lasting impact on our world.

Feel free to browse our website and see how we empower leaders and organizations for effective leadership in the 21st Century.   For more information, please tell us who you are at the contact box to the right.