At Global Leadership Dynamics – we invest in people because leaders are one of the world’s most precious resources.  A renewed and empowered leader is a catalyst for a transformed city, church, organization or nation.  

It is simply our joy and passion to see individuals and organizations work together to impact our world through renewed vision, excellent leadership ability and effective partnerships for the transformation of lives, communities and nations.

“Good leadership is a channel of water controlled by God; He directs it to whatever ends he chooses.”

 Proverbs 21:1  The Message


GLD REVIVES leaders worldwide through Leadership Assessment

 GLD RESTORES communities through GLD Teams

GLD REACHES nations with Collaboration between the Church, Media and Marketplace 


We believe each leader has a unique “design” for impacting the world!  

GLD’s leadership resources are grounded in Biblical principles and servant leadership models.  We utilize the Clifton Strengthsfinder and Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder tools and other resources of the Gallup Strengths Center to help leaders discover their unique gifting.      




Discover Your Unique “Design” for Leadership      

Take the GLD Leadership Assessment


GLD’s Leadership Assessment:  three one-hour sessions in person or via an online video meeting with written assignments following each session.  A comprehensive evaluation of your leadership profile with recommended action steps will be provided at the completion of the leadership assessment.  Then, clients are introduced to GLD Partners who can provide further coaching in the following specialties:

1. Entrepreneurship (including website development, business plan and marketing)

2. Organizational and Strategic Business Strategy

3. Highly-Defined Personality and Vocational Assessment

4. Church-Planting and Missions

5. Marketplace Ministry Leadership

6. Media and Public Relations

7. Fundraising